Cyclist Safety First

Wheero is a holistic safety equipment, installed on the bicycle, that provides the cyclist with a sense of safety, presence and control over the road.

Wheero scans the road in real time along your ride, detects potential collisions from all the directions and alerts you and the vehicle driver that is endangering you beforehand.

Wheero uses high technology sensors combined with artificial intelligence algorithms.

Wheero Features

The first holistic solution for cyclists

Smart Cycling

Wheero uses sensors provided with a high resolution that allow detection of dangers & potential collisions from all directions, back, front and side, with a low number of false positive!

No Limits

Wheero is adaptable for all types of bikes and speeds thanks to his easy clip installation. And works in all weather and visibility conditions -waterproof design & operates also in the dark of the night!

Stay Connected

Enjoy of a USB port to charge your smartphone during the ride and use Wheero's app for smart cyclist navigation.

Action Camera

Wheero tracks and records your ride so you can share it with you friends, to provide you an incredible user experience!

SOS Relatives

Wheero can send your exact location to your relatives when you have an accident and aren't remounting your bike immediately.

Keep updated!

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